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Genius Hour!


For Genius hour my partner and I did the history on Miley Cyrus. We made a video on her and her history. We can not put our video on our blogs because we used google pictures, and we did not site them back. I had a lot of fun learning about her. I love genius hour because we get to  share our genius with the world!

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Skyping with Mr. Davis!


In history class our teacher set up a Skyping section with Mr. Davis! It was a lot of fun! We are learning about the presidents so our teacher had a genius idea to Skype. We asked him a lot of questions about the presidents like, Is it pointless to vote because the electoral college is really going to vote? What would you do if you were president? Do you have all the presidents memorized in order?

We ask Mr. Davis to Skpye with us because he wrote a book about presidents called Don’t Know Much About The Presidents. Mr. Davis has wrote a lot of books. Some of the other books he has written are called Don’t Know Much About History, and Don’t Know Much About Geography. He has many other books in the Don’t Know Much About series.

We did not have enough time to ask him all the questions we wanted to ask him. Some of the other questions we had were, Who was your least favorite president? Who do you think she be our next president? Why did we choose to have presidents instead of kings and queens?

We had a great time Skyping with Mr. Davis!

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Barn Quilt!!


In English and History class we have been painting our barn quilt. We are going to sell our barn quilt at our school Gala. Our Gala is February 4th. I am really excited to get the barn quilt done. I think the 8th grade girls will look the best! The barn quilts name was originally drunkers path. We have not yet decided a new name yet!

First we sand papered the board and then painted it white. After we painted it white we took the outline, and traced it on the board. Then we taped what we traced. We then painted the blue part first. We then took took the tape off the blue part and then painted the yellow. We touched some spots up signed our names on the back, and then it was finish!

We all enjoyed making it!

That’s Grace, Me, and Vanessa working on the barn quilt!

Photo taken: Tyler on photo booth

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Blogging index


Through this past week, we have written a blog post for every day of the week. Here are my week’s posts.

Monday Mash up

Tuesday Listicle

Wordless Wednesday

Off-The-Cuff Thursday

Freelance Friday

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Got Hoops? Monday Mashup


Got Hoops? I know I got hoops. I love playing the sport.











I edited the photo on

Photo from Flickr, creative commons,

taken by Cindy Seigle


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Freelance Friday, I love you…


Every boat loves a dock
Every high school loves a jock
Every door loves a lock
And I love you!

Every duck loves a lake
Every oven loves cake
Every leaf loves a rake
And I love you!

Every coffee loves a mug
Every branch loves a bug
Every girl loves a hug
And I love you!

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Basketball Game!! Off-The-Cuff Thursday


My basketball game is on my mind. I am so excited. I hope we win. I can not wait to get out of school, get on the bus, and go to our game. I can’t wait for the second when I step on the floor. I hope I am a starter, and that I can make a left hand layup.

Image from school clipart

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Wordless Wednesday…


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5 ways to get to school


My brother always makes me do stuff for him. He always says if I do them he will give me a ride to school. I say okay and always do stuff for him, and he NEVER gives me a ride.

One way to get to school is ride the bus.

The second way would be to ask a parent.

The third way can be ride your bike.

The fourth way could be ride a four wheeler.

And the fifth and final way would be, walk.

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In english class we are writing a novel. My goal  is 9,000 words but I want to try to make it 10,000 words. My class and I will be using the website NaNoWriMo to help us write our novels. My novel is called Amazing Molly.

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