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Skyping with Mr. Davis!


In history class our teacher set up a Skyping section with Mr. Davis! It was a lot of fun! We are learning about the presidents so our teacher had a genius idea to Skype. We asked him a lot of questions about the presidents like, Is it pointless to vote because the electoral college is really going to vote? What would you do if you were president? Do you have all the presidents memorized in order?

We ask Mr. Davis to Skpye with us because he wrote a book about presidents called Don’t Know Much About The Presidents. Mr. Davis has wrote a lot of books. Some of the other books he has written are called Don’t Know Much About History, and Don’t Know Much About Geography. He has many other books in the Don’t Know Much About series.

We did not have enough time to ask him all the questions we wanted to ask him. Some of the other questions we had were, Who was your least favorite president? Who do you think she be our next president? Why did we choose to have presidents instead of kings and queens?

We had a great time Skyping with Mr. Davis!

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“Skyping with Mr. Davis!”


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